Pictures (Hating Mag-ina)

Jan 22, 2011

When Carla (38) decided to go back to the Philippines, she decided to leave Anna in Chicago for her daughter’s citizenship to be processed. Making up for the lost times, Carla did everything for Anna, to the point that Carla financially supported a whole basketball team so Anna can make friends while having a vacation in the Philippines. It was then that Carla met Marlon (25) who easily got attracted to her but Carla rejected. Days later, Carla learned that Marlon was being close to Anna who soon became Anna’s first boyfriend. When Anna left for Chicago, Marlon took the responsibility of taking care of Carla. Everything was okay until Marlon found out of Anna’s unfaithfulness. Guilty because of what her daugher had done, Carla decided to accompany Marlon while drinking. Drunk, Carla could not do anything when Marlon forced himself to her that eventually led to her pregnancy. Anna learned about what had happened, got mad with Carla and lived with Marlon. Pregnant with Marlon’s baby, Anna decided to stay at Carla’s place and make a hell out of Carla’s life. And just when Carla was about to give up to be in good terms with her daughter, Carla had a chance to talk to Anna. It was then the two settled their grudges and understood one another. Anna forgave her mother, left Marlon and continued her life in Chicago, while Carla lived a quiet life with her youngest child while waiting for Anna’s petition to be approved for them to be together.


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