Pink Dress (BFF Twins)

Nov 14, 2015

Abigail (13) and Amabelle (13) are fraternal twins. They are the 2nd and 3rd respectively of 5 children. As twins they do everything together. They grow-up with each other as best friends. However, their differences become more apparent when they enter high school. And comparisons between the two become more frequent. Amabelle is considered smarter of the two, while Abigail is considered kinder. Comparisons in school and at home, kindle jealousy between the two, especially in Amabelle. Amabelle starts to drift away from her sister. She becomes closer to her crush in school, whom Abigail does not approve of. Amabelle also starts keeping secrets from her sister Abigail, especially regarding her relationship with her crush. The sisters drift further apart, when Amabelle starts using Abigail as cover to meet up with her crush. This angers Abigail, who tells her sister to end their relationship. Amabelle does not pay attention, and continues the relationship. Because of this, even at home the twins barely talk to each other. Abigail is often texting her new best friend from school, while Amabelle is texting her boyfriend. However, as graduation approaches and college admissions start. They realize they must help each other out, so that their parents could afford to send them both in college. Amabelle and Abigail study together, hoping to gain scholarships. Abigail, though grateful for her sister’s help, believes Amabelle will be the only one passing the scholarship exam. However, her fears are unanswered, as the results reveal that they have both passed as scholar students. In college they rekindle their friendship, and become once more each other’s best friends. Amabelle even comes to rely on Abigail, when her relationship with her boyfriend comes to an end. They support each other through thick and thin, and more than twin sisters they are also best friends.



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