Pinoy Korean Love

Feb 11, 2017

Since high school, Tim (25) does not care much about his studies and he only likes drinking with his friends, and dating different girls. But Tim changes when he meets Jung Won (23), a Korean social worker student who was assigned in an international NGO in the Philippines. Before, Tim believes that all Korean girls wear thick makeups and revealing clothes just to look beautiful. But this changes when he gets to know Jung Won who for him has a conservative fashion yet with discernible beauty. Instantly, Tim then falls in love with Jung Won. On the other hand, Jung Won’s friends tell her not to stay closer to Tim for he is a womanizer. But Jung Won dismisses this as her only purpose in the Philippines is to study and help the poor communities. Besides, Tim is out of her league because of his average looks. But as the time goes by, Jung Won unconsciously becomes closer to a jolly Tim after their several trips in the Philippines with their friends. With undeniable chemistry, Jung Won eventually falls in love with Tim despite their differences in personality and the language barrier. With Tim beside her, Jung Won feels the love she has never felt before. They remain strong by respecting each other’s differences and culture. Later on, their relationship is put to test when Jung Won goes back to South Korea to finish her studies, while Tim pursues and prioritizes his family’s business. Apart from the long distance, Jung Won shortly observes Tim’s sudden detachment that weakens their relationship. Though hurt, Jung Won proves to Tim that he is worth the fight, reminding him of Tim’s unwavering effort that sparked their love for each other. Tim then makes up for Jung Won and rekindles the respect and love she consistently shows. After more than three years of relationship, Jung Won and Tim decide to get married. But their marriage has a rocky start. Their differences begin to resurface and put a strain on their relationship, to the point where Jung Won considers divorcing Tim. However, they eventually learn to compromise for their most important similarity—the love that they share.



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