Jun 11, 2016

Christina, a highly-spirited 30-year-old woman who is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, is devastated when the latter broke up with her. He was the love of her life. She wallows, and doesn’t see any meaning in life anymore after the break up. After months of not going to work and gaining more weight, she tries to focus on her art career to distract herself from misery, but still, the pain won’t leave her. One day, her friends take her to a pole dancing class. She cannot do the dancing right; she is terrible at it. However, for the first time after the break up, the struggle of getting the pole dancing right becomes more painful than the gaping hole in her chest brought by her dreadful heartbreak. She enrolls herself to the pole dancing class and as time goes by, she starts smiling more, feeling healthier and lighter than ever. Pole dancing is an effective distraction, she says. Christina gets better and becomes busy, but realizes she still feels there’s a void in her heart. She exerts more focus on pole dancing. Eventually, she becomes friends with the women in her class who also do pole dancing to move on from heartbreak and other problems. Two years after, she and her friends build their own pole dancing company – Polecats Manila.  The first year is rough, because they barely have any students. Being artistic and passionate about pole dancing, Christina (32) creates original choreographies and along with her pole dancing friends, they present it on different gigs. She puts so much effort into building the company up because she has invested her time and money, and relied her happiness on it. On their fourth year, the number of their students increases ten-folds and the media start to cover Polecats Manila. The company becomes successful. In 2013, she meets her ex-boyfriend accidentally. They talk, and afterwards, Christina (35) realizes she has moved on. She is not sure before. Now, she doesn’t see pole dancing as a distraction from misery. She sees it now as something that taught her to become braver and stronger — emotionally, psychologically, and physically. That she is still capable of great things on her own even after life seemed to have left her at a sad corner for a while. 



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