Jul 29, 2017

Burdened by being born into poverty in the land of
Negros Occidental, a young boy named Roy Basa (11) seems fated to live his
whole life in a never ending loop of starvation and menial farming jobs
alongside his parents and 7 siblings. Determined to not seal himself to this
fate, and to prove that he is not limited by his humble but unfortunate
origins, Roy finds hope in the form of education. Believing that hard work and
finishing his studies can lead to a higher plane of comfortable living, he
traveled through his long journey, facing countless obstacles; from his lack of
resources, to his disrespectful relatives. But his most challenging adversary
is his own disapproving and small minded parents. His parents, who see Roy’s
ambitions as a threat to the little money they already have, rather than a
chance for Roy to have a brighter future, show their lack of support every
chance they get. After a cycle of trials, tribulations, and many heartbreaks,
Roy (20) finally accomplishes his goal to finish his studies, becoming a Master
Teacher for Negros Occidental High School for the Night School Division;
teaching young students who shared the same hardships as Roy. Now, Roy (37)
stands as a Regional Science Supervisor for the Negros Island Region, and even
being awarded as a Metrobank Foundation Award winner for his services as an
educator 2 years in a row. Not only inspiring many young students who are
living inside and out of the region but also finally, earning the pride and joy
of his parents.


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