Prodigal Orphan

Apr 1, 2017

Mon (16) is the only child of Mila (50s) and Eleno (50s). As an only child, he grows up spoiled by his parents. He becomes arrogant, self-centered, and dependent on Mila and Eleno. His comfortable life starts to fall apart when they enter times of financial difficulty. Unable to cope, Mon often complains and lashes out on his parents, who despite everything still keeps Mon's best interest at heart. His mother even sells her beloved land just to try to secure Mon's future, but Mon does not appreciate this. They slowly lose all the money they have and worse, Mon's parents' health begin to deteriorate. Eleno is the first to die, then Mila. Alone in life Mon begins to see what his parents worked to give him. He pines for his mother and father as he looks for a comfortable home, but is unable to find it. He begins to work for all the things his parents used to provide for him. Slolwy he gets back on his feet, even being able to get himself through school. Now a working man, Mon (20s) goes back to his hometown to be near his parents' graves. Even now he regrets being unable to be a comfort to his parents when they were alive, but is proud to show them the son he has become.



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