Jul 15, 2017

Melania (3) survived the accident that caused her to having a hunchback at young a age. She grows up with the constant judgments and prejudices from the people around her but chooses to be kind and understanding despite what others say. She leads a difficult life with her mother and three siblings, trying to get by with the fact that her father leaves them for another woman. She makes her dream to finish education as her drive and will to live; juggling from one to two jobs at a time and forgetting the hostility she gets from her appearance. However, Melania (17) is not able to finish college due to her responsibility with her family, resolving to work in Manila just to make ends meet. In Manila, she becomes an attendant to a school supplies shop and uses her earnings to support her family in Borongan. Just as she thought everything is going to be fine, she receives news that her mother is suffering from a kidney failure. She then decides to support her mother's medication because her other siblings are jobless at the time. Her mother stays at Manila during her treatments. While giving support to her mother’s medication needs, she gets raped by her co-worker and flees without a trace. Oblivious of other job opportunities for her mother’s medication, she is left to keep working at the same shop. To make things worse, her mother died after fighting her disease, causing Melania so much pain. Still grieving, Melania (33) soon finds out that she is pregnant. Melania is devastated, confused, and vulnerable at the same time, until she plans to take her own life. Fortunately, her aunt sees this and prevents her from killing herself, reminding her of her worth. She treats this as a sign to continue living amidst difficult times, accepting the fact that she is going to be a mother. Melania even risks her own life just to continue her pregnancy and resides with her older brother in Tondo. She then gives birth to a baby girl she named Joanna. Joanna grows up to be kind and understanding just like her mother who continuously works hard for their life. However, Melania is put to test as Joanna matures and learns of her backstory. Joanna starts to be ashamed of Melania, who in turn questions her worth. But seeing Melania’s good nature as a mother in spite of her disability, Joanna soon accepts the past of Melania and loves her unconditionally. Joanna (13) even dreams to be a police woman someday so that she can protect and fight for the rape victims just like her mother. In the end, after being an outcast in the society, facing many difficulties in life, Melania finds the acceptance and belonging in her daughter, Joanna.


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