Queen Mother

Jan 14, 2017

Although Karla (9) is born into a wealthy family, she lives her early life not knowing her father since birth. At

a young age before graduating from elementary, she soon gets tested by fate when her grandfather, who

generates their income dies. Her family is then forced to move in from a subdivision to mainland Tacloban and

unexpectedly experiences the life of the underprivileged. But despite this, Karla becomes

a dreamer and projects a positive outlook in life, just as how her mother keeps going. She starts joining in singing

contests in hopes of being a big star one day. Sadly, her mother does not share the same dream with

her, telling her to stop joining singing contests to avoid inevitable and hurtful criticisms. But Karla (13), determined

to reach her dream, shrugs these off. A few years later, Karla (16) gets discovered in a music hub in Quezon City

and later on joins in “That’s Entertainment” and shoots to fame. At the peak of her career, Karla (19) gets pregnant

with her first child. Although not having a husband beside her, she decides to pursue her pregnancy and eventually

gives birth to her first born Daniel. Seeing how her mother has independently raised her, when Karla (42) gets

pregnant two years later and two more times after, she resembles that motherly resilience and continues to shine as

a “Queen Mother.”



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