Sep 2, 2017

Randy is full of hope for his mother who was left by her husband for another woman. But in high school, he stops schooling due to poverty and becomes exposed to the sinful vices of society. Even worse, Randy discovers that he is an illegitimate child. Peer-pressured, he starts using illegal drugs, moreso when he is dragged to the world of macho dancing in hopes of bigger remuneration for their family. Randy (28) is slowly devoured by drug abuse, to the point that he is drawn to commit suicide. But it is during this hopeless time when he meets Mutya (27), a drug user and pusher who has been drawn to drugs due to her obesity and insecurity. Surprising him more, Randy shortly discovers that Mutya was his constant test paper checker back in elementary. Their lives intertwined and brought together by a “drug session.” In an instant, though high in drugs, Randy feels for Mutya, as the latter opens her heart to him even more. Meanwhile, Mutya and her family see future in Randy and approve of his genuine love. Officially committed to each other, they are soon put to test as Mutya struggles to withdraw from drug addiction, pushing a resistant Randy back to this sinful custom. This continues even up to Mutya’s pregnancy of their child, much to Randy’s despair. But a struggling Randy behaves otherwise, proving Mutya and his in-laws that he is a changed man, a reliable father. However, changing Mutya’s outlook becomes even harder for Randy when Mutya’s father suddenly dies in an unfortunate event-- a more shattered and pregnant Mutya then becomes heavily dependent on drugs. Only when Mutya delivered their baby and through Randy’s unwavering support did she start to see her purpose as a woman and mother. And that for Randy is the hopeful worth of his existence-- a facilitating love, not one that is destructive.


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