Relo (Myda and Sherwin)

Oct 6, 2012

Myda and Sherwin met in Australia. They are both separated with their partners and already have sons. But it didn’t hinder love to grow between them. They fell in love with each other and they soon decided to live under one roof with their sons. Conflicts arose because of their children but were eventually resolved for they truly love one another. They lived a happy life and the only thing Myda and Sherwin waited for was for them to have their own child. Myda got pregnant and it almost completed the couple’s life. Everything seemed to be perfect for they were only waiting for Myda to give birth until Sherwin was diagnosed with liver cancer. Myda found out that Sherwin might not live any longer and that her husband could not see the baby in her womb. She was afraid, but Myda decided to advance the date of her child’s birth though Sherwin did not agree with it. Fortunately, Sherwin was still able to see and carry their baby that brought joy to their family. Sherwin died two weeks after. It brought so much pain to Myda and it almost lost her will to continue living. But because of her kids, especially baby Sherwin, Myda slowly accepted Sherwin’s loss for she knows that Sherwin will forever be in her heart.


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