Jun 24, 2017

As a child, Rocky (9) dreams of having the perfect family, especially when he starts going to school and sees his classmates being brought by their own parents. In school, he consistently draws a picture of a perfect family – with a house, pets, sunshine, a little sibling and both his parents. Rocky is raised under the watch of his English father, Ike (40s), when his mother Aging (27) left him just a week after he was born. Ike is known to be a womanizer, the reason of Aging’s departure. Because of this, Rocky never had an image of her. Rocky grows to love his father very dearly, in spite of being jobless, a womanizer, and violent when drunk. As he grows older, Rocky (14) soon realizes that he is gay, more in touch with his feminine side. This brings him to the decision to find his mother, hoping that she would be able to help him discover himself more, and also bring him out of the poverty that he lives in, with his father. Rocky runs away and finds his mother, but the love he expects to receive from her is the opposite. Aging (30s) asks Rocky to leave and never to come back again because she already has a family of her own. This leads Rocky to roam around the streets of Roxas Boulevard, Harrison Plaza and Lawton, where he meets Ricky (late 20s). Ricky becomes Rocky’s best friend who helps him out through his toughest times especially when the former meets Josephine (20s) – the only woman he will ever fall in love with. When Rocky falls in love with Josephine, he accidentally gets her pregnant. Despite this, Rocky sees this as no accident and instead, sees it as a fulfillment of his father’s dream for him – to have a whole and perfect family. Rocky tries hard to keep this family together, in spite of Josephine’s bigger priorities in life, but fails to do so. Josephine soon leaves for Japan after she gives birth to their son Andrei, leaving the baby with Rocky. Once again, Rocky is heartbroken, living within an imperfect, incomplete family. To be able to provide for Andrei (1), Rocky does his best to find a stable job. He then accidentally meets his old nanny Mama Vicente (30s). Mama Vicente used to be his nanny until he was two years old, before the former leaves for Saudi Arabia to be an assistant to a fashion designer in the Middle East. When they meet again, Rocky is offered help by Mama Vicente, as soon as he finds out that Rocky is best at visual arts. The old nanny tries out Rocky’s skills and tells him to draw the flower prints he sees from glassware on dresses and gowns. Rocky agrees. This eventually lands him to a job as an assistant to a known fashion designer in Dubai. Years later, Rocky skyrockets his career and finds himself dressing international and Hollywood celebrities including Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson. Soon enough, Rocky (40s) goes back home to the Philippines to build a home for his son Andrei (14) and his already sickly father Ike (70s). He asks for forgiveness for running away, but also says that he has fulfilled his dreams of giving him a family through Andrei, in spite of having no mother figure in their circle. 


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