Rosaryo (PGT: Roel Manlangit)

Aug 31, 2013

Roel grows up having a complete family just like what his father, Roger, has dreamed of. But due to financial problems, Roger devotes his time in working as a carpenter and a part-time ice cream vendor in order to provide for his family. Roger has no idea that in his absence, his wife, Esther, and Esther’s step-brother, Ninik, are already having an illicit affair. Eventually, Roger discovers his wife’s infidelity that leads to their separation. Roger is then the only one left for his children. He feels worthless and devastated especially because his dream of having a complete family is now gone. It is the same feeling he experienced when he once failed to pursue his dream of becoming a renowned singer. As their family starts anew, it is also when Roel discovers his talent in singing – a talent that he inherits from his father. Roel uses his talent to help his family; he starts joining singing contests. As time passes by, Roel’s passion for singing strengthens. Roel tells Roger that he wants to become famous in singing. Roger does not support his son thinking that Roel will not make it big in singing just like what happened to him when he is younger. Despite that, Roel continues in joining singing contests. He wants his father to realize that he can reach his dream, their dream. Until a fortunate incident happens when Roel is chosen as one of the contenders of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 and eventually declared as the Grand Winner because of his exceptional talent in singing. Roger then realizes through his son that despite a number of failures in the past, one can still dream and reach that dream.


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