Rosas (Habambuhay)

Dec 26, 2015

Resty (16) and Charito (21) fall for each other at first sight. Resty courts Charito who is five years older than him, and they become a couple. However, Charito’s parents and siblings disapprove of their relationship as Resty is still a high school student while their daughter Charito is already a college graduate. But, Resty and Charito work together to prove to Charito’s parents that they can have a happy relationship. Resty and Charito eventually elope, which greatly angers Charito’s family. Resty works hard to prove to them that he can be a good provider for the family he and Charito will build. As years pass, Charito’s family eventually accepts Resty. Resty and Charito build a happy home with three children, and make dreams for their family. When their eldest graduates from college, they feel as if they have achieved one of their greatest dreams. They continue to dream of growing old together. However after 26 years of marriage, Charito (49) is diagnosed with breast cancer. Resty (44) does his best to support his sick wife, while Charito does her best to continue living. Charito survives to see her two younger daughters graduate. However after almost 5 years of being diagnosed with breast cancer, Charito (54) falls ill again. This time, she is diagnosed with bone cancer. Resty (49) takes care of his wife as best as he can. Despite the pain, Charito tries to live every day to remain with Resty and their family. However, the illness becomes too painful for Charito, and soon she expresses her desire to pass on. Resty tries to be strong for his wife and allows her to pass on, promising to never forget her. Charito dies peacefully at the age of 55. Resty is happy that he and Charito were able to build their dreams, and prove that only death can separate them.



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