Rosas (Jandusay Brothers)

Jul 20, 2013

Identical twins Fred and Fredie are inseparable. Life is easy until Ver, their father, gets mad at them, pushing them to go to Manila to try their luck. Fred and Fredie experience hardships but those do not stop them to strive harder and be happy together. But when Fred gets married, his wife Michelle becomes jealous with the closeness of the twins. With this, Fredie decides to go back to Mindoro where he meets a recruiter who will change their lives forever. With the desire to earn a lot of money, Fredie, together with Fred and their younger brother Michael, accept the job. But in Malaysia, the siblings find themselves in turmoil when they realize that instead of working as a crew, they will be working as fishermen. In addition, Fredie is assigned in a different ship. On the ship, they experience working as slaves, with very little sleep and food. After some time, Fred and Fredie’s ship anchored side by side, Fred goes to see Fredie. Little does Fred knows that it is going to be the last time he will see his brother. After 7 months in the sea, Fred decides to go home hoping that Fredie will do the same thing. After more than a year of Fredie being in the sea, Fred receives news that his twin brother is sick and is most likely to die. And a month after, Fredie’s dead body arrives in the Philippines. Fred is given a copy of a recorded voice of Fredie, telling how he is abused and mistreated by their captain. With this, Fred, together with the whole family, file a case against the recruiter and agency, determined to seek justice for Fredie.


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Sumilip sa likod ng kamera at alamin kung paano nabubuo ang mga madamdaming tagpong iyong natutunghayan sa Maalaala Mo Kaya.


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