Sako (Sakada)

Sep 21, 2007

All of us face trials and problems with varying degrees. Most of the time, our instinct tells us to give in and surrender without putting up a fight, living a life resigned to self-pity and loneliness. Of course, going the other way is the right thing to do, but the road to it proves to be harder than just simply giving in. But, there are individuals who prove to the world that they can remain victorious despite all odds, serving as an inspiration to other people as well. Giling is one such person. At a young age, he was forced to leave school and work as a sakada in a sugar cane field, due to his father's orders. Every day he toils under the sun in dangerous circumstances, and goes home to an abusive father who can't even put food on their table. To make things worse, his younger siblings Pering and Felix eventually die, fuelling his anger even more for his tyrant father.



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