Salamin (Kuba)

Oct 17, 2009

Since childhood, Bebing has suffered ridicule and disdain from other people, even from her own family, because of her hunchback. She transcends these bitter experiences through her smarts and confidence. She masks her insecurities by wearing make-up and sexy clothes. Like everyone else, Bebing longs to love and be loved. If the business of loving is messy enough for people without disability, Bebing finds that it is more so for someone like her. With her heart broken twice, Bebing becomes wary of men and love. Until she meets Tonio, a much younger man with more simple dreams and hopes. Tonio does his best to prove that he is serious about her and so Bebing gives in to love one more time. With opposition from other people and the surfacing of their respective insecurities, Bebing and Tonio discover that sometimes, love really isn’t enough to make a relationship work… or is it?


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