Salamin (Progeria Love)

Dec 20, 2014

At 5 years old, Rochelle’s world changes when a rare disease called Progeria overtakes her body. Her body ages 6 to 8 times faster than normal, her hair falls and eventually disappears, her growth stops, veins and wrinkles appear on her face and body, and she begins to experience ailments normally suffered by old people. The doctor says she is expected to live only up to 15 years old. With such a young age, Rochelle fails to grasp the painful reality of her condition, but as she reaches the age of 12, the sad truth settles in in Rochelle’s mind. After the initial shock, Rochelle decides to live her short life to the fullest and experience things normal people can do---including falling in love. Like an answered prayer, Rochelle learns that CJ, a classmate and friend, has feelings for her. Rochelle refuses to believe that a handsome young boy, or anyone, can actually take interest in her. But CJ goes to great lengths to prove his intentions for. Seeing CJ’s perseverance, Rochelle decides to accept him as her boyfriend. For months, Rochelle enjoys CJ’s company and care, like any normal young girl in love. Things take a turn for the worse when CJ’s grandmother voices her disapproval of their relationship because of Rochelle’s condition. While nursing the hurt from this remark, Rochelle notices that CJ is slowly turning cold toward her, until they finally decide to break up. Despite the hurt, Rochelle is thankful for having experienced falling in love during her short stay in this world. While battling her ailment, Rochelle believes that no ailment can stop a happy heart and an iron will to live a normal life.



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