San Juanico Bridge

Jun 4, 2011

Nikko at the age of three was left by her mother outside a cinema in Tacloban. He grew up searching for a place where he could find love and a family. Nikko met Lola Aning, he felt a mother’s love from her but he had to leave for most of Lola Aning’s relatives don’t like him. Then he met a family whom most of the members were drug users so again, he left ang decided to go to Manila. Nikko also met Emilio and his dying wife, Lydia in Manila. Nikko felt love from them, and for once, a complete family. Months passed, Lydia died so Nikko had to leave again. He went back to Tacloban. Miserable, felt he was all alone and that nobody was there for him. In San Juanico Bridge, Nikko decided to end his life. Fortunately, a fisherman saw him and brought him to the hospital. Then a family, who are members of Jehova’s Witnesses, helped him and eventually became his family. In the end, Nikko realized that he was never alone in the first place for the places he had been to and the persons he met completed his personage and his life.


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