Sanggol (Mothers)

Mar 28, 2015

Bheng and her siblings are raised singlehandedly by their mother who while their father is away, working in the Middle East. When her father is sent home after suffering a stroke, Bheng starts to work at the same company as her mother’s where she eventually gets a boyfriend. Bheng finds herself expecting a baby. Her boyfriend denies responsibility for the child and even advises Bheng to get an abortion, which angers Bheng, fueling her determination to raise the child on her own. Bheng gives birth to a baby girl, Marian Joy. She tries to raise Joy as she was raised, teaching her daughter to be an independent and responsible individual. Bheng also makes Joy feel that she is not just her mother, but also a best friend. Joy, in return, strives to do her best in school. Even after introducing a boyfriend to her mother at the age of 13, Joy never fails to focus on her studies. It is not easy to support a child as a single parent, so Bheng is forced to leave for Iraq for a higher paying job. Joy is left in the care of her grandmother and grandfather. On her 3rd year of high school, Joy starts exploring her sexuality with her boyfriend and gets pregnant, but the boy turns his back on her. Like her mother, Joy decides to raise the child on her own. Joy stops regular schooling and enrols in an Alternative Learning System (ALS) so she can still enrol in college after giving birth. After giving birth and completing her ALS course, Joy starts to juggle studying how to be a Nurse with learning how to be a mother under her grandmother’s guidance. Meanwhile, after three years in Iraq, Bheng is finally able to save enough money for a small business and decides to go home. Bheng’s return is a surprise to Joy. Only, Joy also has a surprise for Bheng, a grandchild. Bheng could not get mad at her daughter because the baby is already there. She is also burdened with the guilt of being gone for three years and not being able to give Joy better guidance. Because Bheng’s savings is no longer enough to support her education, Joy has to manage being a mother and a working student at the same time. Luckily, she has an understanding mother who is always there to support and help her, no matter what. Joy learns that one should always weigh the consequences before doing anything. Now, Joy is a mother of two and is happily married.



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