Santan (Textmates)

Jan 25, 2014

Neneng (40s) is not able to enjoy her younger days because of her strict grandmother and aunt. But she is still grateful to meet and be married with Pitong. Together, they start building their own family. Neneng promises herself that unlike her grandmother and aunt, she will be a more gentle, cheerful and loving mother to her children. Neneng gives all her time to her family. Her husband and children, on the other hand, love her truly. But as time goes by, her husband and children become busy with their life. Because of that, Neneng feels neglected. She starts to find enjoyment in texting a young guy named Jayson (20s). Neneng plans to match Jayson with her daughter Anna, so she pretends to be Anna while talking to Jayson. But when she is about to tell Jayson the truth about her real identity, she finds out that Jayson has a heart ailment. Frightened that the truth might greatly affect Jayson, Neneng is forced to continue pretending that she is Anna. But in time, Neneng finally finds the courage to tell Jayson the truth. Jayson has no ill-feelings towards Neneng and still thanks her for inspiring him. As for Neneng, her short-lived communication with Jayson becomes an avenue for her to express her feelings to her family. In the end, Neneng and her family is able to be more vocal with each other and become even closer.



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