Sapatos (A Political Affair)

Jun 6, 2015

Submissive to her religious mother Lilia, a sheltered and innocent Cecile lives a simple life in the province. But as Cecile ventures in Manila for college, she starts to explore the facets of youth and becomes bolder, not realizing that she is starting to disappoint Lilia. The tables completely turn when an 18-year-old Cecile meets Roel, a handsome town mayor in his 40’s, when she served as an usherette in a social congress. As they get to know each other, Roel promises to arrange a date for Cecile with his son. Cecile develops an instant and unexpected rapport with Roel. As the days pass, the “son” that Roel promised to set up with Cecile turns out to be himself. Meanwhile, Cecile’s family in the province starts to receive bountiful supplies of fruits and some appliances from Roel. Tension arises when Lilia finds out about Roel’s courtship. She reminds Cecile that he might just use her for his self-image, impregnate her, and then leave. But the oblivious Cecile is blinded by Roel’s deceiving love and the lavish lifestyle he gives her. She fights for Roel and neglects Lilia and her sisters’ advice. Cecile gets pregnant in time for Roel’s candidacy for congressman. To avoid political issues, Roel forces Cecile to keep herself from the voters’ sight. Hoping for Roel’s triumph and a brighter future for their family, Cecile endures the life of a seemingly single mother away from Roel, who eventually loses in the election. Roel completely disappears, leaving Cecile shattered but still hopeful. Months pass and Roel is still absent. With her mother’s acceptance and her sisters’ support, Cecile soon learns to stand up and start anew for her baby.



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