Saranggola (Amang Nang-iwan)

Aug 24, 2013

At the age of 17, Eddy marries a 15-year-old girl named Teresita. Because of that, Eddy does not fully experience the life of a single man. When Eddy gets a chance of working in Bacolod, he grabs it and leaves Albay with hopes of sending money to his family. But everything changes when Eddy feels how good it is to live alone and free. Eddy forgets about his family and lives independently in Bacolod where he eventually meets Josephine. Eddy and Josephine fall in love with each other. Not knowing that Eddy already has a family, Josephine agrees to marry Eddy. In time, Eddy feels guilty with what he did to his first family. So in return, he tries to make up for it by being a loving husband and father to his second family. But Eddy’s second marriage is ruined when Josephine leaves for another man. Eddy tries hard to provide for his children, but he fails when he loses his job. With a heavy heart, Eddy goes to Manila to look for a new job. But instead of getting a job, Eddy bumps into one of their neighbours in Albay who gives Eddy the contact number of his brother. Eddy gets in touch with his brother who eventually sends him money so he can go back in Albay. During that time, Teresita already passed away. Eddy admits his mistake and asks for his children’s forgiveness. Everything is fine until Eddy dreams of being with his second set of children who are in Bacolod. Eddy’s first set of children gives money for the transportation of their siblings from Bacolod to Albay. All is well until Eddy’s love and care for his second set of children cause a drift between him and his original children. Eddy confronts his original children and once again says sorry for leaving. But Eddy explains that he cannot bring back the years that he did not become a good father to his children, but what he can do is to not repeat the same mistake by being a good and loving father to his second set of children. Sooner or later, Eddy’s original children understand and even help Eddy in taking care of his second set of children which makes Eddy a very happy father.


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