Saving a Drug Addict

Jan 28, 2017

Jeck (14) lives a happy and simple life with his parents and two siblings in Cebu City. But it changes when his parents, Pio and Azucena, decided to work in America for greener pasture. Jeck grows up without the guidance and care of his parents, just as bland as their big apartment. Jeck always feels sad and lonely. To ease the loneliness, Jeck, influenced by his cousin Lando (19), resorts to the use of drugs and alcohol, even stealing things from their house to sustain his addiction. But because of this, Jeck’s parents decide to bring them to California. At first, Jeck (20s) feels happy with his new life in U.S., but he decides to use drugs and alcohol again because he feels that his parents have no time for them. He then steals, burglarizes houses, and defrauds credit card for his drug maintenance. In and out of the jail, a shattered Jeck then decides to go back to the Philippines. But because of loneliness, Jeck (30s) resorts to use drugs and alcohol again. Until one day, Jeck’s addiction left him penniless and homeless. Amidst all the weight on Jeck’s shoulders, he reunites with his mother (61) who sends him to a rehabilitation center. With the help of his family, he was sent to rehabilitation center until he recovers completely. After recovery, Jeck works as a volunteer at a treatment facility, until he founds his own homelike rehabilitation center to help other drug users to change their life completely.


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