Schizophrenic Mom

May 6, 2017

Nanay Estrelita Calacala (58) from Bulacan, one of today’s trendiest Internet moms on Facebook, is not your ordinary comedic individual. As an internet celebrity, everyone may think that this mom has as wonderful life as her liners, but her past can show differently. In her 20s, Estrelita suffers from what she thought as a simple “nervous breakdown.” After visiting National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong and having checked by the physicians, Estrelita eventually halts her medication thinking that she is already cured. At some point, she decides to finally stop her medication after not experiencing attacks for almost 10 years. But a few years after having her daughter Princess (3), her disease recurs. Estrelita starts roaming around their community and singing without control, all of which lead to her daughter being teased and bullied as “the daughter of the crazy lady.” Attacks then induce her to more uncontrollable actions, such as physically hurting their daughter and attempting to kill her own husband. To protect their child’s welfare, Aurellio decides to take their daughter, Princess (9), without telling Estrelita. Still young, Princess becomes confused with her mother’s sudden absence and longs for Estrelita despite her condition. Meanwhile, Estrelita continues to suffer independently from her mental disorder. Shortly, she starts missing being a mother to Princes and goes back to NCMH to get herself checked again after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. After months of consultation and battling with the disease alone, she goes back to her search for her family. Until one day, she starts texting her husband’s phone (which Aurellio sold for Princess’ school expenses.) number, hoping that they will finally reply. The buyer of the phone then informs Estrelita of Aurellio and Princess’ location, helping her to locate them. To Aurellio’s shock, Estrelita finds her family, showing them that she is far more normal than before and still worthy to be a mother. In deep remorse, Aurellio accept Estrelita, while Princess, who misses her mom, cries with glee. Slowly, Estrelita rebuilds her family with new hope and new outlook in life. Shortly, as Estrelita rekindles her bond with Princess, she learns to use Facebook to monitor her daughter's teenage phase. Little did she know that this also helps her deal with stress that triggers her Schizophrenia. With her witty liners and epic comebacks, Estrelita becomes a mother not only to Princess but also to her "anak-anakan" on social media, proving that her ability to love as a mother goes beyond the boundaries of one's mental capacity. 


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