Sea Shells (Binugaw/Jenny)

Mar 8, 2014

At a young age, Jenny never feels the love and care of her parents, Lani and Gardo, because they are busy working for a living. Until Jenny is raped at the age of 6 by their laundry-woman’s live-in partner. For her to be able to forget the nightmare she experienced, Gardo entrusts Jenny to her paternal grandparents who live far from them. There, Jenny finally experiences the love and care that she is longing for. But just as she thought that things are going smoothly for her, the unimaginable happens. Jenny is raped again and this time, her step-grandfather and uncle are the perpetrators. She is even devastated to know that her grandmother is an accomplice. Jenny is already feeling hopeless but when her younger sister who also lives with them is forced to watch the inhumane act, Jenny finds a way to tell her parents about the rape. In the end, Jenny’s uncle is imprisoned while her grandmother and step-grandfather are able to escape. The unfortunate and gruesome incident that happened to Jenny makes her draw closer to her parents. And as parents, Lani and Gardo, help Jenny heal her wounds.



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