Silbato (Jerome)

Nov 6, 2010

A touching story of a mentally challenged man who witnessed a crime and proved that his limitations is not a liability for him to do the honorable thing. Jerome was born with mental disability. Despite his condition and condescension of other people, Jerome tried to live a normal life with a happy and positive disposition. He employed himself as an errand boy of policemen and fell in love with Amy. But things got complicated when he witnessed a crime. At the same time, Amy left him and their daughter  Angel. Jerome must decide between revealing the truth and the safety of his family. Jerome chose to expose the truth. He became a star witness and endangered his life. But worse comes to worst when Angel died in the middle of the case and many people doubted his capability of becoming a witness. Jerome become miserable but after months of grieving, he decided to continue the case and won the court battle. With this victory, Jerome proves that regardless of his limitations, he is capable of telling the truth and helping others.


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