Sto. Niño de Cebu

Mar 4, 2004

Is winning everything? Or is your success measured by how you play the game? It was a long, hard journey that Sheryn Regis (Angelika dela Cruz) took on her way to becoming a Star in a Million finalist. As a child, she joined singing contests in her native Cebu, and it was here that a young Sheryn began to accumulate a small following thanks to her big, powerful voice. But it was also in these competitions that friction began to form between Sheryn and her younger brother Elton (Ketchup Eusebio), who also competed in the same contests as Sheryn. How did Sheryn overcome these problems? How did she begin her path towards Star in a Million? How did she become Cebu's sweetheart, counting many of the Queen City of the South's residents, including the city Mayor, as her fans? And how did she get over her loss to fellow competitor Erik Santos on the Star in a Million finals night.


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