Stray Bullet

Feb 25, 2017

This is the story of how a family copes with the painful loss of their youngest member who is victimized by a stray bullet meant for an alleged crime. Their tragic experience remains a continuing part of their lives, but their unceasing love for the family keeps them knitted together. At an early age of seven, Ninin has already been exposed to the hustle and bustle of a striving community in Cebu. But unlike any other kid in their neighborhood, he shrugs this off and projects a very positive and cheerful disposition, leading him to be known and be friends with their neighbors of all ages. He finds inspiration in his father, Isong (50), seeing how noble and hardworking he is as a barangay police officer and part-time habal-habal driver. Excitement strikes him when he witnesses his proud and valor father take criminals and submit them to their barangay. This sparks Ninin’s dream to be a policeman someday. Soon,  Isong comes to love his serving job even more as he becomes an active tipster to their local government, earning 3-5K a month for their family. Although his wife Marilou (44) is against it,  Isong still pursues the job and reminds Marilou that his loyalty to it will surely benefit not just their community’s, but more importantly Ninin and their family’s safety. Until one night,  Isong is put to test when a police operation causes his life’s greatest fear. On his way to duty,  Isong hears his son Raymart (8) in panic, crying out loud that  Ninin was hit by a stray bullet. Isong rushes Ninin to the hospital, but the latter dies shortly due to excessive blood loss. With his broken heart, Isong asks help from the barangay regarding the case, but instead of relief, Isong faces blames and rejections from Marilou. Tension arises between the lamenting couple with Marilou still resenting Isong’s seeming negligence. At Ninin’s wake, to the couple’s surprise, unknown people flock with tons of donations, claiming that Ninin has affected their lives in one way or the other. This pains a remorseful Isong even more, realizing that a bright young life had been wasted due to the noble job he thought was worth the risk. Four nights later, Marilou dreams of Ninin clad in a white barong, telling her to forgive his innocent father so she could find acceptance and peace. Marilou then forgives Isong and makes him realize that Ninin’s life is not completely wasted, because even at a young age, Ninin has tremendously affected other people’s lives through his positive outlook and aspiration amid differing battles of life.



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