Stroller (Foster A Child)

Dec 28, 2013

Everything’s almost perfect for Lita’s (48) family. That’s why when her four children broached the idea of joining Share-a-Home, DSWD’s program designed for abandoned children to experience Christmas from foster families, Lita strongly disagreed. But her children and her husband were very persistent, so she eventually agreed with the condition that they will get a toddler and not a baby. Still, Lita and her family got a three-month old baby girl named Angel. What a surprise, because as days passed by, Lita can’t help but fall in love with the baby whom she never wanted to adopt in the first place. Angel became the family’s bundle of joy. Everything seemed to be perfect until a representative from the DSWD reminded Lita that Angel was due for return. It was really heartbreaking for the family that’s why they decided to permanently adopt Angel. But the DSWD was hesistant to grant the apotion because Lita was over-aged and that the age of Angel and Lita’s children were impossibly wide. But according to the DSWD, Lita can still adopt Angel, minus the severity of legalities, only if Angel was their relative. Lita’s family almost gave up, but not Lita. She did everything. She traced Angel’s roots though she knew that the blood relation was impossible. Surprisingly, Lita found out that indeed, she and Angel are truly relatives. Because of that, Angel was allowed to live with Lita and her family though Angel. There would be other legalities that Lita should take care of to legally adopt Angel, but she believes things would just fall into place as God designs it.


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