Stuffed Toy (3 Lolas)

Sep 8, 2012

Story of Lola Joy, Lola Jane, and Mamaita Rose with different personalities and priorities who were able to find unity and showed love to each other when their grandson Travelito was born. Lola Joy is a career woman who experienced being a mother to three sons twenty years ago, Lola Jane on the other hand is a plain housewife who devoted herself into taking care of her children, while Mamaita Rose, Lola Joy’s sister, is a dentist, a university professor and an old maid. At first, Joy and Jane being the original grandmother would fight over who gets to take care of Travelito, while Rose struggled to take care of him. But when Travelito got sick, all three of them realized the importance of one another that they began to have a good relationship. And instead of being a burden to Travelito’s parents, Joy, Jane and Rose became a blessing to them.


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