Sulat (Sister Marie)

Aug 30, 2014

At a very young age, Marie dreamt of becoming a nun that's why she never entertains every guy who wants to court her. But not when Marie meets the guy with a bad image, Nick. With each other, they find love. Soon they become a couple. With the love Nick is giving her, Marie forgets her dream of becoming a nun. Everything seems to be alright until Marie's family opposes her relationship with Nick because of his bad reputation. From Leyte, Marie studies in Manila. Suddenly, she loses communication with Nick. That is the time Marie's dream is awakened. She enters a monastery. Soon, she becomes a postulant and becomes contented with her life with God until her lost love, Nick comes back. Marie gets confused to continue her dream as Nick says he wants to marry her. Though Marie is still in love with Nick, she happily chooses to continue her calling because her love for God is even greater than her love for Nick. 



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Feb 4, 2017

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