Sulo (Gumapac Teacher)

Oct 24, 2009

In a mountain in Batangas mired in poverty, old-style Chato (45) is left by her one and only co-teacher in a school so threadbare she must ration chalk to make sure she has enough for the day. Until a new teacher named Jean - young, pretty, rich, idealistic – comes in the picture. Eventually, the poor plight of the pupils inspires them to set aside their differences and work for one goal – to make their barrio school a performing school by passing the annual national achievement test. But nights before the dreaded exam, while on her way from collecting donations for the school and the pupils, teacher Jean meets an accident that forces her to leave the school for a while. Two of her top grade 3 pupils, who possess only the most rudimentary education themselves, step up to handle the class. What they lack in educational credential, they make up for in determination to save not only the one and only school in the mountain, but most importantly the future of their neighborhood.


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