Swing (Dying Young)

Aug 18, 2006

Claire is on top of her career and living the ultimate single's life. Despite not having a family, she compensates it by working hard and getting what she wants. However, this attitude turns Claire into a cold person. She lost friends. At first, it did not bother her. She did not even noticed that she needs friends until she discovers that she has brain cancer and that her days are numbered. Now, she fears of being alone til her death. Not knowing, what to do, she sets out to spend her last days at the resthouse until she meets Benjie, a callboy she ran into along the way. Claire is forced to bring Benjie to the resthouse where they get a chance to know each other and eventually fall in love. Unwillingly, they change each other's lives and learn the importance of a life full of hope and love. 


MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Zambales

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#MMKLifeMomentsMadrid: Mayette Calderon & Ofelia Santos

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Jul 19, 2008

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