T-shirt (Mojacko)

Oct 2, 2010

The only thing Mojacko knew about himself was his name, but that too did not belonged to him. He was called Mojacko because his deaf and mute mother couldn’t tell what his birth name was. But Mojacko did not care, as long as he was with his mother, he was happy. However, to survive, Mojacko’s mother worked as a dancer, having relationships with different men, making Mojacko feel unloved. Their lives started to change when Mojacko met Emily, a social worker, who invited him to stay in a shelter providing for his needs and processed the necessary papers for Mojacko and his mother to have the names—John and Malou Garcia. But more than having a name, Mojacko realized how much his mother love him and that the reason she worked in a club was to give him a better life.


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