Tasa (Broken Home)

Mar 21, 2009

Ellen and Domeng had a good marriage. But their relationship fall apart when Ellen committed an act of infidelity and bore a son out of wedlock which she named Cris. But Ellen couldn’t bear the weight of her conscience and told her husband of her betrayal. Domeng was furious but he decided to continue their marriage but punishing Ellen by womanizing. Ellen wanting to keep her family, hide the truth especially to her son Cris. But the truth was bound to come out when Domeng took revenge on Ellen by bringing home his son of out marriage. Cris was angry with his father’s infidelity. Soon, Domeng move out of their house, and Ellen cannot bear his husband to take all the blame, told the truth about Cris’ past. Cris got angry with his mother and left the house. But Ellen, out of her love for her son, convinced him to come back to make their family whole again.


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Feb 8, 2014

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