Telebisyon (Joan Panopio)

Oct 5, 2013

Growing up, Joan experiences belittlement due to her physical appearance and economic status. But because of her family especially her father, Santiago, who has always been there for her, she is able to have a strong mind to ignore criticisms. Joan dreams of being a newscaster like Korina Sanchez. When she enters college, Joan takes BS Development Communication thinking that it is what will bring her to her dreams. But due to continuous belittling, she becomes content with jobs not related to her course after her college graduation. It is the start of her misunderstandings with her father because Santiago wants her to enter radio or television industry. Time passes until Joan meets high school graduate and tricycle driver, Greg. They immediately fall in love with each other and eventually decide to get married. It worsens Joan’s relationship with her father since Santiago is not in favour of Greg. Though Joan is not in good terms with her father, she still manages to have a good life because she knows she has Greg, her husband who has been with her in the absence of her father and a husband who makes her feel beautiful and smart. Unfortunately, her husband died because of an ill-fated incident which makes Joan lose her will to continue living and dreaming. She does not know how to live without him. But in the end, still because of her father and family, Joan is able to rise again and reach her dream of becoming a newscaster.


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