The Noven Belleza Story

Apr 22, 2017

Born to a family of konteseros in Negros Occidental, Noven (7), eldest among eleven siblings, grows up fond of competing in singing contests. Since the start, Noven’s father, Rey (41), a low-earning farmer, gives his all-out support to his son’s dream to be a professional singer. Rey believes that someday, through Noven’s dream, they will be able to live a life that is far from their current living situation in poverty. Through the years, being a kontesero himself, Rey provides moral and practical support to Noven, teaching the genres of songs to sing and expert tips on how to win singing contests, which the latter religiously obeys. Noven even becomes a hall of famer in nearby cities for his frequent winnings that his father appreciates the most. But as Noven (13) matures, his style and interests begin to change inevitably, while Rey starts to calmly succumb to their abject poverty. In high school, Noven tells his father about his interest in joining the Sepak Takraw team for the upcoming sports events. But Rey (48) does not allow Noven to join the team, insisting that he should only be focusing on his studies and joining in singing contests. This begins the constant argument between the two. In addition to this, Noven (16) is forced to give up his studies after one semester in college upon realizing that his parents are no longer able to sustain his and his siblings' studies all at once. He then works full-time in the farm where his father also works. Until one day, Noven decides to join in a recognized city contest without having much support from Rey, as he chooses a song that is not approved by his father. The spat eventually grows bigger when Rey almost completely withdraws his support to Noven during his contests. Wanting to prove that he can do it on his own and with his own style, Noven (21) decides to audition in Tawag Ng Tanghalan. He eventually restores his relationship with Rey (55) when the latter reinstates his support to his son that in turn gives full confidence to Noven. On his last performance in TNT as a top 3 finalist, Noven chooses to sing a song that is not his style, but his father’s. Little did Noven know, this song will reap the fulfillment of his and his father’s ultimate dream.



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