Three Mothers

Jan 6, 2018

For others, nothing matters most than a mother’s unconditional love and care. Some want a complete and normal family. Yet others are unfortunate to not have those. Gelai (8 months old), together with her siblings, is entrusted to their aunts’ care at a young age so that their mother can work. Although her mother visits during the weekends, she is more attached to her aunts. Growing up, her aunt Rose spoils her with food, clothes, toys, etc. while her Linda acts as her disciplinarian. Despite her aunt’s care, deep inside she wants a complete and normal family. When she enters higschool, Gelai (13) slowly starts to do the things she was strictly forbidden to do. She cuts classes, goes home late, and neglects her grades. She also falls for a guy, who she thinks will fill the void she feels about her family. Because of her boyfriend, she learns several other vices. The whole time she feels isolated from her family, fearing her aunts’ disappointment, and resenting her mother. This all comes to a head when her mother, together with her aunts, confronts her. Defending herself, Gelai (16) lets out years of pent-up anger and blame on her mother, believing it was her fault that Gelai had an incomplete family. Days pass and the atmosphere changes in her aunt’s house, she feels their disappointment with her. Gelai feels depressed and lonely. She devotes her time to her boyfriend, with whom she goes out drinking. One night, Gelai goes home drunk. She expects her aunts to scold her or turn her away, but instead they care for her, as gentle as if she were still a child. Despite her insobriety, Gelai feels their continuing love. Gelai slowly goes back to how she once was. She reveals all her distresses to her aunts. She also talks to her professors to make-up for her the classes she missed. And finally she begins communicating with her mother again. Gelai realizes that she’s always had what she’d been looking for, the love of a family. Even if that family consists of two aunts, and a mother, she accepts them, just as they’ve always come to accept her.


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