Tirintas (Gay Best Friend)

Sep 21, 2013

When Jomer reaches his first year in high school, he meets a beautiful lass named Jhessa. Jomer instantly falls in love with Jhessa. But upon discovering the fact that Jhessa is a man hater, Jomer pretends to be gay just to be able to obtain her trust. At the same time, Jomer wants Jhessa to realize that not all guys are deceitful. Eventually, Jomer and Jhessa become best of friends. And just when Jomer is about to reveal his true identity to Jhessa, he finds out that Jhessa already has a boyfriend. Jhessa chooses to keep it as a secret to Jomer that hurts the latter. Jomer then distances himself from Jhessa. But during a student camp, Jomer finds out that Jhessa’s boyfriend is cheating on her. Jomer tells Jhessa about it right away and as expected, Jhessa breaks up with her boyfriend. Jomer then grabs the opportunity to tell Jhessa the truth about his real sexuality and real feelings towards her. Upon hearing, Jhessa gets hurt by the fact that Jomer betrayed her. Several days passes that the two did not talk to each other. Until one day, Jhessa approaches Jomer and tells him that she knows Jomer is not really gay after all. And that the real reason behind Jhessa having a boyfriend is that she just wanted to divert her attention as she is already falling in love with Jomer. Jomer is ecstatic that Jhessa feels the same way towards him. But Jhessa informs Jomer that she and her family are about to migrate in Canada in a few months. Jomer is devastated upon hearing the news but instead of distancing himself from Jhessa, Jomer stays at Jhessa’s side and treat her special in the last moments that they are together.


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