Trolley (Pasan)

Aug 18, 2005

How far would you go for a disabled, and physically helpless, sibling? Would you be willing to forego your future in order to afford him a better future? How far would obligation - and guilt - take you? It's been a hard life for brothers Macoy (Baron Geisler) and Boy (John Prats). While they've grown accustomed to their family's poverty, they still have their dreams. Macoy wants to be in the military. But brilliant Boy, who was born without two legs and one arm, wants to become an engineer, and it's Macoy who is determined that his younger brother reach his dreams, even to the extent of having to carry him wherever he goes, and attending many of Boy's classes along with him despite being six years older. But now that Macoy is a young man, he is torn. Should he put his entire life on hold to help his brother finish high school, or should he take a year and see what life on his own would be like?


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