Sep 23, 2017

As a child Jayson (20s) finds out that he is adopted by his mother Guily (40s), because he is an illegitimate child of his real mother. They live on the island of Siquijor, as fishermen. Jayson grows up thankful for the love of Guily, who treats him like her own child. Guily herself is a daughter from a 2nd wife, and is not well accepted in the family circle. However, to continue his studies, Jayson seeks help from his wealthier biological mother. Jayson’s biological mother pays for his tuition fee, but it is clear to Jayson that she is doing it out of obligation, not out of love for a son. For years Jayson tries to gain his biological mother’s acceptance, but is unable to. When he graduates from a vocational course, he takes on a Bachelor’s degree, this time paying for it with his own money. Jayson’s biological mother begins to show a real desire to become closer to him, nearing his graduation. However, soon after, his adoptive mother Guily suffers from a stroke. She is taken to a far-away hospital, for better medical attention. Upon release, the doctor advises them to let her rest for a while, since she will be unable to take the journey back to Siquijor. Jayson pleads with his biological mother and their other relatives to let Guily stay with them, but no one accepts his adoptive mother. Jayson is hurt by everyone’s refusal. Ultimately, Guily dies. Jayson harbors ill feelings for his biological mother and other relatives, who up to the end could not accept Guily. He continues to live on, making the best out of his life and no longer pining for his biological mother’s acceptance. More determined, Jayson learns from his experience that true acceptance should not be so hard earned, and that he and Guily found it in each other so long ago.


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