Tsinelas (Ganda & Egoy)

Feb 26, 2011

This is a love story of an illiterate, poor, dark and ugly man named Jawo (17) and a beautiful and wealthy lady named Christie (22). Jawo is an ordinary employee of a company owned by Christie’s family. From the very first time Jawo saw Christie, he was already attracted to her. Jawo just kept his feelings to himself until Christie met an accident and it was Jawo who brought her to the hospital. They became friends and soon love blossomed. Christie started teaching Jawo how to read and write. Jawo, on the other hand, taught Christie how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as eating street food and laughing out loud. Because of their differences, their relationship was disapproved by Christie’s mother. Christie fought for her love for Jawo until her mother realized that despite Jawo’s physical appearance and life status, it was Jawo who showed Christie the real beauty of life. Jawo and Christie soon got married and built a family full of love. They proved that true love goes beyond the physical and the material.


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