TV (Twist of Fate)

Mar 5, 2011

Siblings are supposed to grow-up together but because of life’s imperfections, they live separately. Love and acceptance, however, brought them back together.

Dindo (3) and Marivic (4) are siblings. When their parents got separated, they are the ones who were greatly affected especially when their mother died of committing suicide. Dindo was raised by their father’s relatives who were not well off while Marivic was brought up by their mother’s relatives who were wealthy. At the age of nine, Dindo worked as a helper in a restaurant owned by their mother’s relatives. It was the time when he saw the difference between his life and her sister Marivic’s (10) life. What hurt him the most is when Marivic treated him as a helper and not as a brother. Dindo decided to quit working in the restaurant and promised to himself that he will strive hard in order to prove Marivic that he can have a better life someday. Years have passed and their lives changed, Dindo (25) became wealthy while Marivic (26) became poor. Dindo, at first, wanted revenge but it was still his love for her sister that prevailed. Their relationship soon got better when Dindo learned to forgive Marivic and when Marivic accepted Dindo as his brother.


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