Twins In Love

Jul 9, 2016

Acting as best friends, twins Jess (20) and June (20) go to the same school, wear the same dresses, sport the same hairstyle and use similar personal things. However, June feels that their mother favors her twin Jess. But as June feels this, the twins’ love for each other is unyielding. When they grew up and enter a University, Jess falls for Luis (19). Having that sisterly instinct, June goes on to observe and inspect Luis from afar. Luis becomes close to both twin. However, Luis unexpectedly confesses his love for June, leaving her worried for Jess. To June’s surprise, Jess seems to accept this, but her actions eventually say otherwise. Meanwhile, June comes to fall in love with Luis. But as the two build a strong relationship, June’s relationship with her twin crumbles. June decides to break up with Luis and sacrifice her own happiness to give way to her sister’s feelings. Unfortunately, this does not fix the twin’s relationship. June finds out that Jess constantly communicates with Luis taking advantage of Luis’s vulnerability. Jess admits her confused feelings for her twin’s ex-boyfriend. Jess promises her twin that she will not pursue her feelings towards Luis, but was unable to fulfill that promise. A hurt June believes that Jess chose her own happiness with Luis in spite of her sacrifices to save their relationship and friendship as twins. But as the times pass, June constantly reaches out to her sister Jess for reconciliation but to no avail. June misses her twin, ally, and best friend. She fervently hopes that someday, more than their relationship as twins, her friendship with Jess comes back to how it used to be.



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