Una't Huling Pag-ibig

Aug 18, 2018

Aldrin (13) is used to having nothing permanent in his life. At a young age, he has experienced being transferred from one place to another due to the demands of his father Joel’s (40s) career as a Civil Engineer. When his father is needed in one place for a project, the whole family follows suit. Due to this, Aldrin is used to having no permanent friends, nor relationship with anyone else aside from his family. As Aldrin (15) goes through high school, he experiences having crushes, just like any teenager. But despite this, he never tried to pursue, nor tell any of his crushes about his feelings, fearing that he may not be able to build and last in a relationship with anyone. Until he meets Angel (16) on the first day of classes. Aldrin is immediately attracted to Angel and the two start a friendship. Later on, Aldrin falls in love with Angel and completely disregards his fear of non-permanence, just so he can voice out his feelings for Angel. As soon as he does this, their relationship blossoms. Three years later, Aldrin graduates from college. Meanwhile, Angel is forced to quit school and instead pursue a job first to help her family through their financial crisis. Even so, the two are completely in love with each other and are determined to spend the rest of their lives together, or so at least until their distance from each other betrays them. Due to Aldrin’s father’s career as a Civil Engineer, he, once again is forced to move to Manila, also pushed to work in Manila for a higher chance at a better career. The two promise to each other that their love for each other will trump their distance. To lock her in, after seven years of their roller coaster relationship, Aldrin proposes marriage to hkis first and last girlfriend at Color Run, a public marathon event in Cabanatuan. Much to her surprise, Angel agrees to spending the rest of their lives together. Just a few months after the public proposal Aldrin did, Angel starts a new job as an administrative staff for a local cable company. Unknown to Aldrin, Angel is being pursued by the latter’s wealthy superior, Justin (30s). Due to their distance from each other and their frequent arguments, Angel gradually becomes closer and closer to her superior. As soon as Aldrin finds out, he confronts Angel and her family. This immediately breaks Angel’s relationship with her family, especially with her father. Hurt, Aldrin accuses Angel of being a gold-digger. Due to the exchange of hurtful words, Aldrin and Angel’s wedding is called off, leading Angel to a deeper relationship with Justin. Aldrin, still very much in love with Angel, does everything in great lengths just to win her back, until finally, the latter tells him to stop winning her back. Aldrin, ready to give her up, confronts his mother and cries in front of her, for the first time ever, leaving her heart broken. Aldrin’s mother then secretly talks to Angel, not to convince the latter to get back together with Aldrin, but to mend her broken relationship with her family. The two soon get back together and Aldrin reproposes marriage. Finally, the two get married and vows permanence in each other’s lives, until Angel meets her unfortunate demise due to cardiac arrest, a year later after they exchange vows. Currently, Aldrin (26) is no longer trying to move on from Angel’s death, but is trying to live with peace with the one memory that Angel has left permanent for him, their son, Alistair King.



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