Upuan (Ma’am Canlas)

Oct 20, 2012

Letty did not want to become a teacher, but her father Paulino forced her to take up education course. Letty had four children when she became a teacher. When Letty (37) was offered a job to teach the Aetas living in remote areas, she was forced by her husband Angel (37) to accept the job for money and for her career’s sake. But Letty learned to love the Aetas and their culture that her relationship with her family was sacrificed. As a result, her family suggested that she should stop teaching. It was hard for Letty to leave the Aetas but for her family, she chose to leave. But when she was about to leave the Aetas, Angel told Letty to finish her one year commitment with the Aetas. It was also Angel’s idea to bring their children in the mountain where the Aetas live to see how important Letty’s job was for the Aetas. In the end, Letty was supported by her whole family in helping the Aetas.


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