Videoke (Malaysian)

Dec 12, 2009

From living a comfortable life in Malaysia, Maria experienced living a normal life in the Philippines. Her parents disapproved of her relationship with her long time Malaysian boyfriend so they decided that it’s best for Maria to be separated with him. Maria continued her relationship with her boyfriend but as Maria learned to adapt and appreciate the Philippines, her relationship with her boyfirend became cold and they decided to end it. Maria was trying to mend her broken heart when she met Rey, whom Maria fell in love with. Rey avoided her but with Maria’s determination, Rey saw her true beauty and fell in love with her. They both managed to understand and accept their differences. And when they thought nothing could separate them, Rey decided to work in Taiwan—for his family and for Maria. Maria was angry when she learned about Rey’s plan—she could not imagine life without Rey. And she also knew that when Rey continued his plan, their relationship will not last because she does not believe in long distance relationship anymore. But Rey made Maria feel that he love her and that their love for each other will make their relationship work, that Maria needs to trust him and she did. Maria and Rey’s love for each other stood the test of having 2 different cultures and for having a long distance relationship because when Rey got back from Taiwan, Maria was longingly waiting for him, loving Rey even more.


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