Walis (Inaping Pinsan)

Aug 3, 2013

Pinky grows up knowing that she is just adopted by her Aunt Fe and Uncle Jose because her real parents are suffering from poverty. But the truth does not stop Pinky from becoming a lovable and helpful kid that makes Fe and Jose love her more than a niece. She is regarded by Fe and Jose as a role model for their real daughter, Rene. Unlike Pinky, Rene is lazy in doing household chores as well as in her studies. All is well until Rene becomes jealous with the attention that Pinky is receiving from Fe and Jose. With this, Rene makes Pinky’s life miserable. Because Pinky wants to finish her studies with the help of Fe and Jose, Pinky keeps mum about the situation. From being a cry baby, as Pinky grows numb with Rene’s physical and emotional torture to her, Pinky eventually becomes a strong woman having the motivation to be successful so she can one day get her revenge with Rene. But Rene’s wrongdoings come to halt when Fe and Jose find out about it. After that, Pinky lives a quiet life away from Rene and little by little achieves her goal of becoming successful. Pinky becomes a teacher and lives a comfortable life with her own family. Until one day, Pinky finds Rene at her doorstep asking for forgiveness for everything she did in the past. Pinky learns that Rene is living in poverty. In addition to that, Rene even swallows her pride and asks if she can work for Pinky as a maid. Surprisingly, all the hatred that Pinky has for Rene disappears when Pinky hears how miserable Rene’s life is. In the end, Pinky forgives Rene and realizes that the once bullied little girl is still the stronger one compared to Rene, because instead of taking her revenge, Pinky chooses to forgive her cousin.


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