Wedding Booth (Unrequited Love)

Nov 30, 2013

Gel is broken-hearted when she transfers to another college. There she meets Marq and befriends with him. Secretly, she falls in love with him which she tells to her best friend, Dina. One day, Gel surprisingly finds out that Marq and Dina are already committed to each other. It pains her that the one she loves now belongs to her best friend. Time passes until Gel becomes a college instructor. But when Gel is almost over with Marq, Marq also becomes an instructor in the same college. At that time, Gel’s love for Marq grows even more. And she tells it with her co-instructor and closest friend, Belle. Everything seems so right. Gel starts to feel that Marq also has the same feelings for her until she discovers that Marq and Belle are together. Gel’s dreams of being with Marq shatter. For the second time, her heart breaks. Though hurting, Gel decides to tell Marq what she feels for him thru a letter. Still, Gel’s love for Marq is not reciprocated because Marq sees her only as a friend. In the end, Gel is still grateful to be able to love after all.


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