Yellow Sofa (Houseboy)

Aug 24, 2007

We are all familiar with the fairy tale story of Cinderella, that poor little girl who turned out rich in the end. However, her rags to riches story was peppered with hardships, as she had to endure her wicked stepmother and stepsisters first, before becoming the princess they all looked up to. In the same way, Cinderella shares this similarity with Jerome, who's forced to work as a houseboy to pay off his family's debts. As such, he sets off to become a houseboy for his wealthy, yet cruel relative, Lola Sylvia! Pretty much like Cinderella, Jerome had to endure living under his harsh Lola Sylvia's "care". And not only does he painstakingly has to go about with tons of household chores, he also has to endure his Lola Sylvia's hurtful words and meticulous ways as well! But until when can he tolerate her? Will he, eventually, earn a spot in his Lola Sylvia's heart? 


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